Always Choose Durable: Why Cast Iron Pizza Ovens Are Superior

Don’t buy your pizza oven before reading.

If you’re anything like me, you believe that a good pizza is a slice of happiness, and making it at home is an art form. But that art doesn’t always want to be art. Have you ever had this experience? You’ve got your dough perfectly stretched; the sauce is just right, and the toppings ready… And then your oven lets you down. Well, happened to me, at least.

That brings me to the point: durability should be at the top of your checklist. I’m just a regular dude who loves a good homemade pizza, and after a few trials and tribulations (and some pizza disappointments), I figured it was time to share my experiences.

So, grab a slice, pull up a chair, and let’s chat about why a pizza oven that stands the test of time is worth its weight in gold. Plus, I’ve got a favorite – a cast iron beauty – that has become my kitchen sidekick. Stick around and see why.

Cast-iron pizza oven from Bizzo Bizzo

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If it won’t last, it’s not worth it

Let’s be real; even the more “affordable” pizza ovens aren’t that cheap. If I’m spending big bucks on a thing, I want it to last. And if it doesn’t, it makes me wish I’d never bought it in the first place.

A good pizza oven must be DURABLE. A one-hit wonder isn’t made for food that you enjoy regularly, so make sure you get something for the long haul. Also, a well-made oven will give you consistently good results, while a cheaper one won’t. You don’t want your oven giving in one and delivering crap pizzas, do you?

Invest smart. I used to pick a cheaper thing because it was easier at the moment (more on that later), but I was left disappointed. If an item is pricier because it’s of better quality, it’s worth it. It will pay off in a couple of months – and then it will KEEP ON GIVING.

A good pizza oven must be DURABLE.

Cast iron is THE answer.

Stainless steel, who? I only know cast iron now.

OK, memes aside, cast iron IS the real thing. Here’s why it beats other materials hands down:

  • Durability on Steroids
    Cast iron is the Chuck Norris of materials – practically indestructible. It laughs in the face of wear and tear. It won’t scratch, chip, or WARP like some flimsy metal sheets, and it takes high temperatures extremely well.
  • Heat Distribution
    Want your pizza to cook evenly from crust to toppings? Get cast iron. It heats up insanely well and won’t torture you with quick temperature drops. If you’ve ever had a cast iron pan, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Now imagine that in a whole oven.
  • Heavy-Duty
    STURDY. I could just end right here because it says it all: You can’t go sturdier than cast iron. No wobbles, no-nonsense.

If you’re wondering why I’m so stuck up on this… Well… Read on.

I wish I had known this sooner

I had to go through a couple of not-so-great ovens to find THE ONE.

Driven by the challenges I encountered before, I felt compelled to share my discovery with you all, hoping to spare you from similar missteps. Consequently, I delved into online testimonials, consolidating my findings to validate a shared experience – surely, I couldn’t be the only one!

Attempt no. 1: Big Horn pizza oven

My first one was a stainless steel oven from BIG HORN. It was alright – until it wasn’t.

At first glance, it looked shiny and promising. However, the door decided to part ways after a few months. Also, keeping a stable temperature was a challenge.

I did like my BIG HORN as it gave me some good pizza, but when it came to the long game, it stumbled. The stainless steel charm wore off quickly, leaving me with more problems than solutions.

Attempt no. 2: Aidpiza pizza oven

The second one… I wish I just skipped it.

Since there wasn’t a better option on Amazon then, I went for another cheaper oven option. It was from AIDPIZA. It looked good, and, again – it was cheap. However, it had mixed reviews, and I ended up among the disappointed people.

The paint chipped and burned after first use. The smell was horrible. The temperature was unstable – talk about bad insulation. Listen, I’m happy for the folks who had a different experience, but I’d still recommend them a nice and heavy cast iron thing. ‘Cause that’s what I got next.

FINALLY, the pizza angels sang – Bizzo Bizzo

My newest, and currently favourite, pizza oven is from BIZZO BIZZO. It’s the first cast iron one I’ve seen on Amazon, so I immediately grabbed it.

It doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. It basically does everything I’ve already listed about cast iron. On top of that, it looks stylish, with no boxy shapes whatsoever. And it makes GOOD PIZZA. And when I mean good – the previous ovens, besides their downfalls were able to produce good results, but it was always hit and miss due to incredibly difficult temperature management and overheating pizza stone. And this baby just COOKS so well. It is so easy to manage, has an even crispy crust and smokey flavour and is a quick bake. Love it.

In conclusion… don’t spend money on short-lived stuff

Is there anything to add? I guess not.

Oh, yeah, there is – get some cast iron cookware, too.

Chad Lawson

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