Can Crusher – How to Pick The Best One & Its Benefits

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The Best Can Crusher

A can crusher is a handy tool that helps you squash cans down to save space in your recycling bin. Whether it’s soda cans or soup cans, crushing them makes it easier to recycle and declutter your home. Plus, crushing cans is kinda satisfying, right?

There are a lot of can crushers out there, and we’ve picked out the top 5 for you. Our picks are based on what we think and what other people are saying about them. We want to help you make a smart choice.

Picking the right tool can be confusing, but we’ve done the homework for you. We looked at what real users are saying and checked the quality of each can crusher. Our goal is to give you the info you need to pick the best can crusher for you. We care about helping you out.

Ready to find the best can crusher to make recycling a breeze? Let’s dive into these top choices.

Why listen to us? We’re not just out to make a quick buck. We really care about making your life easier and more sustainable. We noticed that there’s a lot of bad advice out there, so we did our own digging. We’ve tried out different can crushers and even watched reviews to get all the info we can. We want to share what we’ve learned so you can make a good choice.

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Why Should I Buy a Can Crusher?

  • A can crusher flattens cans, which means you can fit more into your recycling bin. This helps you make fewer trips to empty it out.
  • Having a can crusher around simplifies the recycling process. You just crush the cans and toss them in the bin.
  • Crushing cans means they take up less space in transport, which reduces the carbon footprint tied to recycling.
  • Having a can crusher makes recycling so simple that you might just find yourself recycling more often.
  • A can crusher is easy enough for kids and older folks to use. This means the whole family can get involved in recycling, making it a group effort.

How to Pick The Best Can Crusher?

So, we’ve spent some serious time diving into the world of can crushers. You wouldn’t believe how many options are out there. But after sifting through the noise, here are some things you’ll wanna look out for:

  • Built from Metal: Metal’s the way to go, folks. Sure, plastic’s cheaper, but you’ll end up replacing it sooner than you’d like. Metal’s a better investment and it’ll last you a lot longer.
  • Can Mount on the Wall: Trust us, wall-mountable is where it’s at. No more hunting around your garage or under the sink. Just mount this baby on the wall and you’re good to go. It’s a game-changer in terms of keeping your space organized.
  • Simple to Use: You ever buy a gadget and then never use it ’cause it’s just too complicated? Yeah, we’ve been there. So, make sure to go for a can crusher with an easy one-hand pull or a comfortable grip. It really makes the whole process feel like less of a chore.

We’ve tested a bunch of these, read up on reviews, and even chatted with other folks who’ve been using a can crusher longer than we have. Bottom line: most can crushers will do the job, but some just make your life that bit easier or last that bit longer. Keep an eye out for these features and you won’t be disappointed.

Where to Buy Can Crusher?

So you’re in the market for a can crusher? We’d recommend starting your search on Amazon. Here’s why:

  • Better Deals: Most of the time, Amazon’s got some sweet prices that local stores just can’t match. You’ll probably get more bang for your buck.
  • Variety: Tons of options are available on Amazon. You can pick from different brands, styles, and features. Local shops? Probably not as much to choose from.
  • Real Talk: Reviews are a game-changer. Amazon lets you hear from people who’ve already bought and tried the can crusher. It’s like getting advice from a bunch of friends you’ve never met.
  • Lazy Day Shopping: Let’s be real, shopping from your couch is awesome. Pick what you want and it shows up at your door. No need to spend time driving around and searching store shelves.

Not saying retail stores don’t have their perks, but when it comes to variety and price, Amazon’s got it pretty much nailed. And hey, if you’re looking for a can crusher or anything similar, Amazon’s a pretty solid place to start your hunt.

What is The Best Can Crusher?

  1. Our Top Pick: HomeBuddy Can Crusher at Amazon ($33.95)
  2. Runner-Up: Mckay Can Crusher at Amazon ($26.99)
  3. Premium Pick: MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher at Amazon ($141.29)
  4. New Premium Design: yamagahome Can Crusher at Amazon ($163.92)
  5. Pneumatic Pick: TELERABBIT Pneumatic Can Crusher at Amazon ($124.29)

1. Our Top Pick: HomeBuddy Can Crusher at Amazon ($33.95)

– Longer handle makes crushing easier
– Non-slip grip under can
– Quality steel build

– Make sure to put the screws in tight when hanging on wall

The HomeBuddy Can Crusher is a solid choice if you’re looking for durability and efficiency. Made of thick sheet steel with reinforced rivets and bolts, this crusher is built to last. The longer, wider handle ensures you can crush cans without straining your arm. Also, it has a handle that is bolted on with lock nuts – not fitted to the arms. This means it is more sturdy than other can crushers.

It mounts on the wall easily, making it accessible wherever you need it—be it the kitchen, garage, or terrace. The rubber-lined base also ensures that cans stay in place during the crushing process.

This Can Crusher is adaptable meaning it handles various can sizes, from soda to beer, ranging from 12 to 16 oz. It’s an efficient tool, reducing cans to about an inch thick.

On top of being a practical tool, it offers a bit of stress relief. It’s a quick, satisfying way to do your part in recycling, giving you a small workout for your arms in the process.

The HomeBuddy Can Crusher combines durability with ease of use, making it a reliable choice for anyone looking to streamline their recycling.

2. Runner-Up: Mckay Can Crusher at Amazon ($26.99)

– Non-slip grip under can
– Quality metal build

– Shorter handle makes it a bit harder to crush cans

Alright, so let’s dig into the Mckay Can Crusher a bit more. It’s a pretty good option if you’re looking for something that’s both sturdy and not too complicated to use. Like the HomeBuddy, it’s made out of steel. But here’s where they differ, the handle on the Mckay is a bit shorter. This might mean you have to put in a little extra elbow grease when crushing.

The handle is bolted on with lock nuts, so it’s gonna hold up well. You can mount it on the wall, just like the HomeBuddy. This makes it convenient whether you want it in the kitchen, or maybe out in the garage. And no worries; the cans aren’t going to fly out or anything, it’s designed to keep them in place.

As for can sizes, whether it’s a soda or a beer can, this model can handle only 16 oz cans. Crushes them down to about an inch, give or take.

Oh, and even if the handle’s a bit shorter, you’ll still get a little arm workout. Always a plus, especially if you care about recycling.

So, if you’re still shopping around, Mckay’s a good one to consider. Not a bad second choice for smashing cans.

3. Premium Pick: MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher at Amazon ($141.29)

– Longer handle makes crushing easier
– Quality steel build

– Long handle can take up more space
– Expensive

So, the MasterCrush Aluminum can crusher is Made in the USA, and it’s not just for cans. You can crush plastic water bottles too, which is kinda cool. Built with powder-coated steel and stainless rods, this thing is sturdy.

Handle’s good, not too short like the Mckay. Easy to stick on the wall, wherever you need it—kitchen, garage, you name it.

In terms of money, this one’s a bit pricey at $54.99. HomeBuddy’s way cheaper at $21.85. So yeah, you’re shelling out more for this one for a supposedly sturdier product.

No worries on cans or bottles slipping out, it’s got ’em locked in. And it’s not just for cans! It does bottles too, so you got options for recycling.

So, if you don’t mind spending a bit extra, MasterCrush is solid. It’s built to last and you can crush more stuff with it.

4. New Premium Design: yamagahome Can Crusher at Amazon ($163.92)

– Non-slip grip under can
– Foot-operated

– Need to bend over to put can in
– Aluminum build
– Expensive

Alright, let’s dive into the YamagaHome Can Crusher. First thing’s first: this one’s foot-operated which is a bit different.

Now, onto the details. It’s made of aluminum, which is less sturdy than steel. And here’s the thing: you gotta put the can on the ground to crush it. Might sound like no big deal, but if you’re not keen on bending over, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Mount it on the wall? Nope, not this one. It’s gotta stay floor-bound. But hey, it’s easy to move around.

Size-wise, it’s good to go with the usual 12 to 16 oz cans. No fuss there. But if you’re into crushing water bottles, this isn’t your guy. Stick to aluminum.

Price point is also above average so you will need to allocate a slightly bigger budget to it.

So look, if you don’t mind the bending and you’re looking for something a bit different, give it a go. But if you like the classic wall-mounted style, might wanna stick to the other options.

5. Pneumatic Pick: TELERABBIT Pneumatic Can Crusher at Amazon ($124.29)

– Cool device

– Can malfunction sometimes
– Expensive

The TELERABBIT Pneumatic Can Crusher offers a unique approach to can crushing through its air pressure technology. While innovative, it does come with some concerns, primarily occasional malfunctions. This means users must exercise caution to avoid potential safety hazards.

In terms of material, it’s well-made with quality components that appear to be durable. However, given that it’s a more complex machine, regular maintenance checks are advisable.

The product is versatile, accommodating a variety of can sizes. Its pneumatic nature, however, takes a more complicated setup process compared to manual crushers.

Price-wise, it is on the higher end, reflecting its advanced technology. This could be a justified expense for those who are more serious about their recycling efforts.

In summary, the TELERABBIT Pneumatic Can Crusher offers advanced features but also requires a level of caution and maintenance. It may be a good fit for those willing to invest both time and money into their recycling routine.

The Verdict?
The HomeBuddy Can Crusher is our recommended choice, thanks to it being both functional in use and sleek in design.

How We Tested?

We really put in the hours testing a whole bunch of can crushers. I’m talking about examining how well they’re built, the materials they’re made of, and how easy they are to use. We didn’t just crush a can or two; we went through bags of ’em to see how these crushers held up over time. We did the same when we were looking for the best tofu press and the best hibachi grill.

We looked for any sign of wear and tear, like bends in the handles or any loosening of screws. Also kept an eye out for any issues that could pop up after prolonged use—things like jamming or cans slipping out. Different can sizes and materials were thrown into the mix to really challenge these crushers.

And it wasn’t just about crushing cans; we also took note of the extra features. Some could mount on the wall, some had rubber linings to keep the can in place, and others even had safety mechanisms. We even checked if they were a pain to clean after all that crushing.

We recorded how much force was needed for different can types. We wanted crushers that not just did the job but did it efficiently and safely. The goal was to give you tools that you won’t mind using every day.

How to Save Money and Help the Planet?

So, why should you bother crushing cans? The short answer: you’ll save money and help the planet. Here’s how it works. Crushed cans take up way less space in your recycling bin. Less space means you’re not taking out the trash as often, right? Fewer trips to the curb mean you’re cutting down on trash bags. That’s cash back in your pocket. But it’s not just about saving a few bucks on bags; think bigger. With more crushed cans fitting in each recycling load, trash trucks make fewer trips too. Less time on the road means they’re burning less fuel. And guess what? That cuts down on nasty emissions spewing into the air. We’re talking about a win for the planet!

Now, let’s talk about energy. Making new cans from raw materials sucks up a ton more energy than recycling does. When you crush your cans, it makes it easier to transport them to recycling centers. More recycled cans mean fewer new ones need to be made. You’re basically helping to cut down on the amount of raw materials needed. So, in a roundabout way, you’re also cutting down on energy use. Less energy use equals fewer greenhouse gases, and that’s a huge thumbs up for Mother Earth. In the end, crushing cans is a simple step with big-time benefits for both your wallet and the world.

Some folks say crushing cans makes it harder to recycle ’em at facilities. Crushing cans or not, it doesn’t make a big difference for most modern recycling facilities. They’ve got the tech to sort and recycle cans either way.

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